Using Talent Intelligence in Talent Acquisition to Drive Business Value

This session explores Cargill's transformative journey towards building an integrated talent intelligence ecosystem that drives business value. Learn how Cargill, a global leader in agribusiness (160K employees, $164bn revenue), has gone about developing and using its talent acquisition insights platform to influence its business/talent strategies, make better data driven decisions, and elevate performance across its global talent acquisition organisation. We will share top tips and lessons learned in our pursuit towards predictive analytics.
In an era where agility and adaptability of talent strategies are critical to business success, Cargill's approach presents a pioneering example. Amid significant organisational change, this global giant redefined its talent acquisition model, transitioning towards a more strategic, data-driven organisation allowing the function a seat at the table, partnering more closely with its business and HR stakeholders to plan and enable strategic business priorities.

This session will explore:

  • Project Genesis: The need for a robust, data-driven approach in talent acquisition and the strategic decision to overhaul existing systems and processes
  • Building the Foundation: Development of a global talent acquisition dashboard while decommissioning several dozens of other reporting solutions, driving standardisation across Global Talent Acquisition
  • Integration Challenges: Navigating data and system integrations, cultural shifts, and operational hurdles
  • Outcomes and Insights: How the project has enhanced Cargill's capability to make better data-driven decisions, forecast talent demands, and manage workforce capacities
  • Future Directions: Exploring the journey towards integrating external talent intelligence, and expanding the talent management framework to other phases of the employee lifecycle.

Learning outcomes:

  • How to move quickly while balancing the long-term vision to identify and maximise the ROI in order to gain the momentum and support needed for continued investment and growth
  • How to iterate and be agile in your approach to adjust to a dynamic business environment
  • Gain insights into overcoming the challenges of implementing a large-scale HR analytics project in a complex, global organisation
  • How to build data literacy capabilities that elevates strategic thinking and consulting skills to drive business performance
  • Understand the strategic importance of integrating talent acquisition with talent management through data analytics
  • Discover how to leverage historical data and current trends to inform talent planning and improve operational efficiency.