Using Advanced People Analytics to Drive People Strategy
Olly Britnell

Having aligned many of our People Analytics plans to our people strategy, Covid hit, and we had to pivot and respond to immediate and longer-term needs. A core goal was to understand the behaviours and motivations of our changing workforce, and to proactively shape our Future of Work strategy.

By using advanced approaches in things like Organisational Network Analysis, and exploring newer data sources on wellness and employee behaviour, we have accelerated our data insights to be able to advise strategic business- and corporate-level decisions.

Future of Work strategy, Talent Management, ONA, Wellbeing, Engagement

  • As working patterns are disrupted by remote and hybrid working, we needed to better understand our employees’ behaviour
  • Different countries were affected differently, and there are clear demographic differences in both the reactions to the pandemic and in workplace needs going forward
  • We needed to be data-driven in our post-Covid strategy, and be sure our decisions are defined by our immediate reality rather than industry trends.

This session will explore:

  • Aligning people analytics to your people strategy
  • Using ONA on working patterns and behaviours of employees at scale
  • Shaping a Future of Work strategy based on the realities of the workforce and their behaviours.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn a data-driven approach to understanding the impact of the pandemic on your workforce
  • Understand the data points that reveal working pattern trends that can advise your go-forward strategy
  • Adapting in train analytical projects to pivot to new focuses and priorities.