People Analytics beyond HR: Empowering Line Managers Across the Business
Ampie Swanepoel

A fundamental part of a workforce insights strategy is the focus on people leaders as the ultimate beneficiaries of People Analytics. This is based on the belief that HR must play a enabling role in encouraging a culture of data-driven people decision-making, but that the line manager is in the best position to use insights to optimise and manage the teams they lead.

In order to unlock the value from the investment in People Analytics, it is critical that insights gets actioned. People Analytics leaders are often frustrated by the fact that they produce great insights that are never put into action. A key question asked by HR and People Analytics leaders is how to get the business leaders to act on the insights that is made available to them.

This session will explore:

Why should business leaders care about people analytics?
Understanding the people leader community in your organisation?
The importance of segmenting line managers by team size, their specific challenges, and the value they will derive from People Analytics
Delivering relevant and timely People Analytics focused on moments that matters
Applying behavioural science principals to optimise people leader adoption
Tracking progress, measuring impact, and course correction.

Learning outcomes:

Understand the value of getting people leaders onboard as part of a People Analytics strategy and journey
Understand how to convince the HR community that they should not be the gatekeepers of People Analytics, and why they should support the roll out of People Analytics to line managers
Find out the lessons learned from our journey to empowering line leaders to become more data-driven in developing and managing their people.