Navigating the Future of Workforce Planning: Insights from Nestlé Europe's Transformation Journey

Thursday, April 11, 2024, 3:00 PM - 3:40 PM
(UTC+02:00) Berlin, Bern
Michael Cox Nick Kennedy

This podcast episode serves as a prelude to Michael Cox's anticipated presentations at the upcoming People Analytics World conference.

Michael, the head of People Analytics at Nestlé Europe, engages in a comprehensive discussion with Nick Kennedy on the pivotal role of strategic workforce planning (SWP) in transforming Nestlé's approach to its workforce amidst the evolving landscape of work.

This conversation not only sets the stage for Michael's sessions at the conference but also offers invaluable insights into the challenges and innovations driving Nestlé's people analytics initiatives.

This session will explore:

  • Integrating SWP into Nestlé’s People Strategy: Michael outlines how Nestlé has embraced SWP to navigate the dynamic changes in people practices, leveraging data analytics and technology to foster a skills-focused planning approach.
  • Challenges and Evolution: The conversation delves into the journey of adapting SWP in response to technological advancements, the gig economy, and the global pandemic, highlighting the iterative process of refining Nestlé's strategy.
  • Embracing External Talent: Michael discusses the strategic shift towards embracing the 'borrow' component of talent management, exploring untapped talent pools both internally and externally, facilitated by platforms like Talent Neuron.
  • Overcoming Implementation Challenges: The dialogue addresses the complexities of applying a unified SWP strategy across a matrixed organisation like Nestlé, underscoring the importance of tailoring insights to diverse business needs and markets.
  • Technological Integration and Future Directions: Insights into the tech stack supporting Nestlé's SWP efforts, including the roles of Equate, TalentNeuron, LinkedIn Talent Insights, Agentnoon, and Faethm, showing the multifaceted approach to workforce planning and development.
  • Looking Ahead: Michael previews his sessions at the People Analytics World conference, hinting at a deeper exploration of employer value propositions (EVP) and the integration of organisational design and effectiveness into SWP.

Learning outcomes: