Full Name
Dirk Jonker
Job Title
Founder & CEO
Speaker Bio
Dirk Jonker is the founder and CEO of the People Analytics Platform Crunchr. His passion for People Analytics started during the financial crisis in 2007, when companies needed to make big decisions in short timeframes. Today, Crunchr supports companies around the world to build people analytics capabilities through an unique combination of self-service platform and an expert customer success team. Prior to Crunchr, he worked as a consulting actuary in New York and Amsterdam.

Dirk combines a unique background of actuarial sciences, years of corporate restructuring experience, six sigma process optimization and data governance, to make People Analytics accessible and actionable. His areas of interest are workforce planning and top potential identification. Currently he is conducting research in using artificial intelligence to predict talent attrition and to find new ways of visualizing data.

IT research and advisory company Gartner named Crunchr ‘cool vendor in Human Capital Management’, Dirk was named Dutch entrepreneurial top talent by the Dutch Financial Times, awarded as Actuary of the Year and featured in The CEO Magazine and The Economist. He regularly speaks at international conferences and is covered in newspapers with expert opinion.

Crunchr provides the world’s most intuitive enterprise platform for self-service people analytics, HR dashboards, and strategic workforce planning. Using Crunchr, large enterprises get a clear picture of what's really happening in their workforce and organization. The company’s people analytics platform has been adopted by companies around the world, including MetLife (49,000 employees), AkzoNobel (32,000 employees) and Rabobank (41,000 employees). In 2021, Crunchr saw 130% net revenue retention. Which means that its roster of multinational customers are staying, realizing the value of the platform, and growing.

The people analytics platform works on top of existing HR systems, it collects workforce data into one secure, integrated platform, improves its quality, and makes it accessible for everyone that needs it -- not just data scientists -- democratising workplace insights for sustainable business impact. This enables HR leaders and teams to produce strategically meaningful people strategies, and to greatly improve decision making and workforce planning.
Dirk Jonker