This immersive day of learning will guide you and your team through

strategies to craft effective data-driven stories, and present them powerfully.


Drawing on lessons from all three best-selling books,
you’ll learn the ins and outs of great graphs and stellar slides,

how to weave your message and data into compelling narratives,

and methods to refine your presentation skills to engage and drive action.

Watch now

Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic gave an exclusive interview on 11 April with Nick Kennedy of Tucana - learn about her journey from Finance to Google's People Analytics, to becoming the foremost authority in the world on Storytelling with Data.

Hear about the techniques and psychological toolkit that Cole will share at this immensely valuable masterclass

Who should attend

Any domain or seniority - if you want to see your hard work make a greater impact, no matter how frequently or intensively you work with data, then this workshop is for you.

You will learn how to improve the graphs you use to communicate, and will get instruction and hands-on experience applying data storytelling strategies to real-world examples.

How you'll learn

You’ll gain knowledge from Cole and members of the SWD team through a mix of presentation delivery, individual and small group exercises, and expertly facilitated discussion. 

Learning possibilities extend into breaks, lunch, and social hour, when you can connect individually with the SWD team and fellow participants.

What you'll need

No laptops, no technical knowledge, no experience with any specific data visualisation tool.

Just to desire to understand what makes data compelling for an audience, and how to turn it into a powerful story that drives an audience to take action.

"Maybe I should have brought the whole office...

I highly recommend it."

Attendee feedback (2m01)

Trusted teacher of many global brands


8:30 AM

Arrive, chat, caffeinate

9:00 AM

PLAN: YOUR story

9:45 AM

PLAN: your DATA story

10:45 AM

Morning break

11:00 AM

CREATE: great graphs

12:00 PM

Lunch break

1:00 PM

CREATE: stellar slides & presentations

2:00 PM

DELIVER: prepare to present

2:30 PM

Afternoon break

2:45 PM

DELIVER: practice presenting

3:30 PM

Looking forward

4:00 PM

Networking drinks with Cole & the SWD team

"Very eye-opening, I highly recommend this course."

David Green

Executive Director, Insight222 · Author of "Excellence in People Analytics", globally respected writer, speaker, and conference chair.

David Green

"I really loved today. Cole really practices what she preaches: she took the attendees on a journey, made it really practical, and brought it all to life.
Everyone learned a lot."

Bernard Marr

Internationally bestselling author, PAWorld keynote speaker, and strategic advisor to some of the world’s most influential companies and governments.

Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic has taught her powerful techniques in-house

to some of the world's most prominent organisations - from Google to the World Bank.


Laszlo Bock

Former Chief HR Officer

“In Storytelling with Data, Cole Nussbaumer has created an of-the-moment complement to the work of data visualization pioneers like Edward Tufte.

"She’s worked at - and with - some of the most data-driven organizations on the planet, as well as some of the most mission-driven, data-free institutions. In both cases, she’s helped sharpen their messages, and their thinking.”

-- Laszlo Bock

"The content as whole was exactly what I wanted from the day. I enjoyed that it was a 'no laptop' course, as this takes away a lot of distraction and enables more focus on the course and its contents and message."

Previous masterclass attendee feedback

"The whole session was full of practical examples, highly applicable for my business life. It was absolutely worth the trip and investment! Can't wait to work on my next presentation!"

"Cole’s energy and insights lit up the room. Such clarity of thought and easy-to-understand concepts. She makes it look easy, but only because she has put so much hard work and thought into her ideas."

£895 per person · £695 if also attending People Analytics World 2024

Not-for-profit organisations and groups of 5+: 10% discount

Educators and students: 20% discount


Learn how to build a profile of your audience, understand their biases, consider what data could influence them, and define the successful outcome.


Understand the art and science of selecting the right visual to achieve your objectives, then learn  how to fine-tune the design by identifying and removing clutter.


Use Cole's powerful and proven approach to narrative planning to guide your audience to your conclusion, and lead them to take the action you need.

Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic's "Storytelling with Data" masterclasses draw people from all over the world to learn this famously effective methodology.


Hundreds of the world's most successful companies have called on Cole's expertise for in-house data visualisation and storytelling training.


Now this same training is available for a fraction of the cost at this public workshop.

This immersive day of learning guides participants through strategies

to craft effective data-driven stories, and present them powerfully.


Plan to make concrete progress on a project of choice,

taking steps towards crafting and delivering your own data-driven story.



Lesson 1:


Understand the context





Lesson 2:


Choose an appropriate visual display






Lesson 3:


Identify and eliminate clutter






Lesson 4:


Focus the audience's attention






Lesson 5:


Tell a story





Free, signed copy of Cole's two most recent best-selling books for all attendees

Book: Storytelling with Data - Let's Practice!
Book: Storytelling with You

£895 per person

Not-for-profit organisations and groups of 5+: 10% discount

Educators and students: 20% discount

Tuesday 23 April 2024 · 09:00-16:00

Followed by drinks and canapés until 17:00. Lunch and refreshments included.