The annual People Analytics World Strategy webinar

Addressing the strategic challenges ahead for business, and how People Analytics and Digital HR can provide the support, guidance, and capabilites for companies to thrive in 2024.

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Topics for discussion will include:

Challenges in People Analytics and Digital HR:

The panel will start with a discussion on the major business challenges organizations face today, with specific insights from Angela about GSK's experience.

Role and Activation of Middle Management:

A key theme will be rethinking and activating middle management. The focus will be on how insights and data can be effectively communicated to managers to drive HR strategy and operational effectiveness.

Use of AI in People Analytics:

The impact of AI on organisational, HR, and people analytics perspectives will be explored. This includes Generative AI and Large Language Models, which have transformed how we work and continue to do so.

Practical Implementation Challenges of AI and Analytics:

Beyond theoretical aspects, the panel aims to discuss the real-world challenges in implementing AI and analytics solutions in HR.

DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion):

The panel plans to address the current status and future of DEI in organisations, especially considering the business results and employee expectations.

Employee Experience and Productivity:

The conversation will explore the focus areas for HR in improving employee experience and productivity, and how these are measured and linked to business outcomes.

Future Predictions, Trends, and Skills Development in HR:

The panelists will discuss their predictions and expectations for HR trends in 2024. The panel will then delve into what skills HR professionals and people analytics practitioners should focus on in 2024 to be able to work towards strategic business outcomes.

Interactive Q&A Session:

The panel includes a Q&A segment, allowing for dynamic interaction and addressing audience queries.

Angela Le Mathon
Angela Le Mathon
VP People Data & Analytics
David Green
David Green
Managing Partner and Managing Director
Ian Cook
Ian Cook
Vice President of Product Management

Learning outcomes:

Learn what's keeping your CEO up at night

Get ahead by hearing the latest business intelligence

Fine-tune your planning to align with industry-wide challenges

Interact directly with 3 hugely influential figures in Digital HR

While watching, chat and connect with others 

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Thursday 25 January 2024

15:00-16:00 GMT (10:00 ET / 07:00 PT)

Recording will be available to watch on demand for those who register

All questions will be read and considered


A shortlist will be reviewed by the panel in advance


If yours is among the most pertinent, your question will be read out and addressed in the discussion,

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People Analytics World 2024 Zurich

28 February · The Circle, ZRH Airport

People Analytics World 2024 London

24-25 April · QEII Centre, Westminster

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People Analytics in 2022: Plan your Strategic Digital HR Agenda

People Analytics World has been the go-to conference for European people analytics professionals and HR leaders for the last eight years, and its new hybrid format makes it a truly global event.

With the pandemic elevating people analytics even further, People Analytics World is a must-attend event for anyone working or interested in the field.”

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