Looking at Skills through the Lens of SWP

Tuesday, November 21, 2023, 1:40 PM - 2:20 PM

How does SWP enable the shift to a skills-focused approach? With the explosion in AI, a skills identification and development strategy is key to future business success. By having a robust SWP approach that enables the move from planning to doing, organisations can have a foundation of readiness for change. 

The world has seen an unprecedented rate of changes over the past few years from a global pandemic, civil unrest, changing employee expectations and commitments, all of which are happening during the 4th revolution of work - the impact of technology. 

Taking these vast and challenging factors and applying the impact to the workforce to build a SWP strategy with actionable outputs is no small task. Organisations are keen to understand their current position in terms of the workforce and skills profiling, and then to look ahead to future requirements. Not everything can be forecast, so how do organisations prepare to have a foundation of readiness?

At an individual level, employees are looking for a positive career experience wherever they are and whatever they do, with skills development and career growth.  Organisations need to reflect on how to factor this into their SWP strategy.

This session will explore:

  • Skills - a deep dive into trends, focus areas by industry, examples from organisations
  • Putting Skills into the context of SWP strategy
  • Colleague experience - what are colleague expectations for their career experience?

Learning outcomes:

  • A wide view on skills and approaches to identify them, leveraging AI and technology
  • Balancing human attributes needed for work in the future with technology
  • Looking at SWP from the macro view of the organisation and the individual view of the colleague.