Decode your Strategy

Wednesday, November 22, 2023, 2:00 PM - 2:50 PM

This session has been developed to overcome one of the common SWP hurdles which is simply getting started. The thinking includes the fact that many SWP projects can be held up by a lack of clear direction with where the organisation is headed and corresponding articulation of strategy.

The organisational strategy needs to be clearly articulated and understood before SWP process can commence.

This session will explore:

Groups will work together to take a predeveloped list of strategic objectives and translate them into language that is relatable, practical and usable. Groups will need to identify any objectives that drift into the ‘how’, as opposed to the ‘what’ and discuss within the group (and facilitators) how they treat them.

Learning outcomes:

We focus on strategy as it is the highest order of direction linking various divisions of an organisation.

Often workforce initiatives are good business practice and improve operational excellence but do not directly enable the strategic objectives of the enterprise. Strategic success requires the right workforce strategy which means putting strategy first and acquiring the capability required to execute that strategy.

By truly understanding the strategic objectives of the organisation, and the drivers behind them, we are better able to identify any gaps in the ability of our workforce to enable strategic success.


Please choose a group to join, see the link for details of the scenario:

Banking & Financial Services

Defense & Aerospace

Energy & Resources


Government & Not-for-Profit

IT & Telecommunications

Manufacturing & Automotive


Professional Services

Software & Technology