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Deep Dive | July: Indeed Wage Tracker

With Pawel Adrjan (Indeed)

Deep Dive | June: Streamlining Activities to Deliver Inpact in Talent Intelligence

With Saurav Bardhan, Mario Hernandez Garcia, and David Papp (Philips)

Human-Centred AI and its Impact on Talent Intelligence

Antonia Manoochehri Bob Pulver Toby Culshaw
Antonia Manoochehri, Lumenai
Bob Pulver, Cognitive Path
Toby Culshaw, Amazon

This panel features thought leaders Toby Culshaw, Bob Pulver, and Antonia Manoochehri discussing the transformative impact of human-centred AI on talent intelligence. The conversation will centre around enhancing employee experiences, fostering better decision-making, and leveraging AI to shape data-driven talent strategies.

The need for intelligent, people-focused solutions in talent management is greater than ever. Organisations must find a balance between automation and maintaining a human touch. Human-centred AI provides new avenues to strengthen talent acquisition and development while improving employee satisfaction.

This session will explore
  • Integrating human-centred AI in talent strategy.
  • Enhancing talent intelligence systems with AI.
  • Addressing ethical considerations in AI adoption.
  • How AI supports equitable hiring and retention.
  • Best practices for deploying AI to augment talent management.
Learning outcomes
  • Understand how human-centred AI fosters more ethical, unbiased talent strategies.
  • Learn to use AI to improve talent acquisition, retention, and development.
  • Gain insights into balancing AI automation with a personalised employee experience.
  • Acquire best practices for ethically deploying AI in HR.
  • Identify opportunities for data-driven improvements in current talent intelligence systems.

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Deep Dive, February 2024: Ian Addison-Smith

The Future of TI: Predictive Analytics and its Application in Talent Intelligence

In this month's TIC Deep Dive, Ian Addison-Smith, a leading expert from Ernst & Young (EY), explores the dynamic role of predictive analytics in Talent Intelligence. Delving into the latest trends and strategies, Ian, known for his expertise in talent analytics and workforce planning, will demonstrate how these advancements are revolutionising talent management.

The session promises a thorough exploration of practical applications and real-world implications, offering essential insights for HR professionals and business leaders. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of predictive analytics' impact on talent acquisition and the evolving landscape of Talent Intelligence.

Ian Addison-Smith

I am a Talent Management and Workforce Transformation professional with specialisms in Talent Acquisition, Leadership & Learning and People Analytics. I have experience designing and implementing strategies and solutions across the workforce advisory spectrum leading engagement teams for a portfolio of major private and public sector clients.

I'm currently leading the Executive Talent Attraction team for EY Global. This globally distributed team (EMEIA, US, APAC) focusses on the engagement of Executive Talent through search, strategic sourcing and talent intelligence activity across all of EY's service lines and geographies.

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