Companies in every industry are taking a hard look at their organisation's structure, looking for efficiencies. This work cannot be done well without People Analytics in pole position. In this session, walk with us through the steps it takes to design an organisation. Discover the role data plays in finding areas of opportunity, measuring progress, and ensuring success.

Organisational Design is a complex discipline and a hot topic as organisations respond to tough economic conditions and geopolitical pressures. This presentation breaks the design initiative down into simple phases, calling out the role data plays throughout.

This session will explore:

  • Knowing when to "go": spotting signs that organisational design might be warranted
  • Charting the course: Using data to identify opportunities and plot the path forward
  • Train the crew: How to get the team aligned to get the work done
  • Watch for wreckage: Using proactive change management and communication to lean into the work
  • Finish fast: Using data to assess outcomes and knock-on effects of change, looking for areas where iteration is necessary.

Learning outcomes:

  • How to recognise when a challenge has an organisational design solution
  • Learn the metrics and visualisation needed to find opportunities for restructuring
  • Delineate roles in an organisational design initiative most likely to lead to an effective operation
  • Lean into the change management and communication required to see the change through to adoption
  • Learn how to measure progress and outcomes, and watch for signals that iteration is needed.

Broadcast live on 23 May 2023 · Watch now on demand


Brenda Kowske
Dr Brenda Kowske
Director, Talent Analytics & Insights and Workforce Planning
Boston Scientific


Erica Vermeij
Erica Vermeij
Sr Manager, Workforce Planning
Boston Scientific

Q&A Facilitator

Alison Ettridge
Alison Ettridge