Leading the Horse to Water

Making Business Leaders Accountable for Talent Decisions
Friday, June 23, 2023, 9:35 AM - 10:05 AM

From business strategy to critical roles that drive your talent strategy - helping your business leaders make the connections and commitment to act.

We often think of the starting point of Strategic Workforce Planning as being the identifying of critical roles. This is a trap that we sometimes fall into as Strategic Workforce Planners, where business leaders tend to lean on HR for accountability in 'making it happen'. 

Strategic Workforce Planning is so much more valuable when we make our business leaders accountable for their talent decisions, and getting them to connect their strategic goals to what they need their talent to execute on, maximising the probability of successful execution of their strategy. 

This session will explore:

  • Various approaches to bring our leaders along the journey
  • Approaches and tools to help tie the strategy to capabilities and critical roles
  • Creating the 'aha' moments that lead to action and accountability from the leaders themselves.

Learning outcomes:

Mei Kim

Executive Director, Global Workforce Analytics

  • Learn the table stakes in order to have meaningful conversations with business leaders
  • Resources you can use to develop your own unique approach to facilitating business conversations with your leaders
  • Tools you can use to tie business strategy to capability to critical roles.